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"Mark...the 911 Whisperer!"

Peter C. enjoying his 35 year owned 911SC

"I’ve owned my 1980 911SC since 1985 and it has been one of the greatest cars I’ve ever owned. The engine and trans had never been taken apart up until 2017 when my car needed Mark's expertise as time, the smog laws, and the traffic of So Cal had caught up with my car. I was down on power, just not pulling to the redline with any vigor and the 915 trans was fighting me at the stop lights. As I dropped the car off to Mark, I was thinking the worst; “Well, not so fast” was Mark’s response to me after a test drive.  "I like them down on power and shifting a little hard. Let me take a real look."


Well,  Mark took the SC engine and trans apart, repaired the broken head studs (replaced all), verified all the clearances, retimed the cams to spec, replaced 1st and 2nd gear syncros and sliders, went through the entire CIS LAMBDA loop, refreshed my rear spring plates, and cornered balance and aligned the car. The transformation was amazing! The car has never run this well, the pull is back, the car just screams to the redline, Mark found the missing HP, and the car now shifts beautifully into 1st and 2nd gear, just amazing!  After 35 years of ownership, still love taking the SC out into the canyons.  


Thank you, Mark, the 911 whisperer!"

Pete C.

Santa Clarita, CA

"Over the last 25 years or so, Mark has built 2 race cars and maintained several street cars for me. His reputation for reliability and performance is well-deserved. Under his care, my race cars exceeded expectations and delivered consistent results. Mechanical failures and DNFs at the track were problems for other guys, not me.


I have followed Mark's last 3 builds throughout their development. I have seen his patience and attention to detail at work as these beautiful P-cars came to life over many months. While Mark may be low-key and unassuming, his build cars are anything but. They command attention and respect. They inspire lust and desire. They encourage irrational financial behavior.


Porsche race cars. Porsche build cars. Postponed retirement.


Thanks Mark."

Chris B.

San Diego, CA

"Mechanical failures and DNFs at the track were problems for other guys, not me."

"Mark knew I had a soft-spot for a 911 Weissach edition and he located the perfect candidate: a car he had worked on over the years and prepared for time-trialing. I owned this Weissach for a decade with zero mechanical failures and once  watched Mark disassemble my 915 trans in about 10 minutes. The final product shifted like a dream: constant force for each gear and I could even get first gear while still going 10 mph. His wizardry is only surpassed by his honesty and dedication to the marque.

I have since purchased 2 more cars from Mark and one was a 996 GT3 with over 100k miles. Since Mark had his hands under the decklid for the past 100k miles, I struck faster than an angry rattlesnake. That car runs like a champ to this day with over 125k miles and I attribute this to the care and feeding Mark performed over its lifetime."

John F.

San Diego, CA

"His wizardry is only surpassed by his honesty and dedication to the marque."


Sept 21, 2018 & Jan 31 2020

"Mark is one of two mechanics that maintain my 70RSR.... Mark’s reputation as an engine builder is second to none. Here in SoCal, its not that uncommon to hear, “Is that a Kinninger car? Duuuuude!”"

"Mark is one of those: any car he touches just gets better. He absolutely dialed the WEVO shifter in my 70RSR"

T Ferrer, BaT

Sept 17, 2018

"Mark built my M491 with a 3.8L that was featured in Excellence in 2008 (Wide Three Eight) and now after almost 2 years of ownership, I have had the opportunity to chat with Mark about my car, the details on the build and motor work. He’s always been incredibly generous with his time and it always surprised me how enthusiastic he was about a car he had built some years ago...It’s about 15k miles on the motor now and based on the extensive paperwork and conversations with the previous owners and now my direct experience with his work, I can say without any reservations, his work stands the test of time. There is a lot of guys building “hotrod” 993 motors but not many of them with a history of incredible performance and longevity."

Talbot78SC, BaT 

Sept 15, 2018

"A number of years ago my friend with the ’75 Carrera penciled out rebuilding the stock motor. When he got discouraged, I suggested he look for a used engine instead. I just happened to see an ad that Mark had posted on the Bird for an engine he was looking to move so another project could take its place.
Long story short, we drove down to San Diego with a weak 2.4 and came back with a screaming 3.0L on carbs installed and dialed in by Mark himself...that engine is still running strong and yes, it sees 7k rpm too."

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