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Silver Dart
Silver Dart.jpg

Classy Classic

prospective client flew down to see Mark's Voodoo Blue build in progress and Mark's work spoke for itself.

The Silver Dart was commissioned and Mark delivered on promise and knocked it out of the park.


"I first met Mark as a potential bidder on his blue car.  Not knowing him or his work I took the flight from N. Cal to SD to see the car.  


Mark's expertise and passion for Porsches combined with the beauty of the blue car sold me. While I didn't end up with that car, it inspired me to sell my long owned, low mileage '97 993S and begin a partnership with Mark to build my own version of that car.   I can say from experience that these projects often go wrong, but this one didn't.  Mark was a pleasure to work with.  From the design to the build to driving experience he has just the right mix of advisor and collaborator.  His communication was excellent.  Never once was I unable to reach him, felt uninformed or mislead.  He's a pro and he cares about the details. 


The work speaks for itself." 


Werks Reunion
Monterey 2021

"Just went for drinks at a buddy's house. All the high-end car guys were there and one was a Porsche Mechanic from Philly. They asked what car I brought and when I told them, their reaction was mild (I think they were thinking crappy backdate).

When they came to check it out, they were amazed. The Porsche mechanic who was at Werks today said, 'That car is beautiful. The subtle details and the quality of the build is just beautiful. I'd take it over a Singer any day.'

Everyone else had a similar reaction."

Build Sheet silver dart.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 5.10.56 PM cop
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