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1983 3.2 Safari 911

Featured on Bring a Trailer Feb 2024

This car was was set up as a track car when Mark acquired it and going Safari Style seemed the natural path given its 'track patina'. Mark verified motor integrity and immediately rebuilt the 915 trans with shorter gears to accommodate the oversized tires. 

Mark also fitted new supportive cloth seats, RS door panels, fresh carpet kit, roof rack, whale-tail, drilled out rear bumper, heavy duty suspension (23/31mm torsion bars), thicker anti-sway bars, bronze suspension bushings (compete with zerk grease fittings), and refreshed the wheels/added BFG tires. 

Even better is the refreshed 3.2 from an '86 911 complete with a California BAR sticker. 

If you're in the mood to kick up a little dirt and not worry about any more potholes, this is the Safari build that won't leave you stranded.

Contact Mark today with any questions or to arrange a viewing.


1974 3.6 RSR Tribute

First SOLD on Bring a Trailer November 2022

This car was rescued from a shop where the build stalled and Ed convinced the owner to sell it to him after a couple years of 'persuasion'.  Once Ed had the entire car painted, he teamed up with Mark and together they took it across the finish line with results that speak for themselves. Be sure to read the comments on the auction and you'll see how many agreed and spoke to the results as well.

While you may have missed out on this one, rest easy as there are more to come. Click on the phone icon below to call Ed to see other builds in the shop that will be available soon (like the beautiful '71 twin-plugged 3.4 or 3.6 RS Lightweight featured below).