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Not Just Flat Sixes...

Welcome to the 1000+hp Page


Mark's driveway is always loaded with something special whether it's a flat-six Porsche RSR re-creation or turbocharged V-8 from Detroit.

This 1971 Custom C10 is a seven year build that pushes petrol thru 8 cylinders that spins a 76mm Garrett turbocharger (with requisite intercooler) that can leave a James Bond-worthy smoke cloud while Mark disappears into the horizon courtesy of 700 ponies at 12 lbs of boost.

And be sure to scroll down to see a  1968 Valiant with over 500 ponies at the pavement, a Chevy Nova II that was wrangled into the stable but has since been moved along to a new barn..and Spy Shots of a Chevelle that  got embraced for some Kinninger love. 

Never a dull moment at the hands of Mark Kinninger!

Meet 'Bad Grandpa'

Mark soft spot for big blocks snagged a 1968 Plymouth Valiant ... and not the slant 6 version. The styling screams Green Hornet but Bad Grandpa has been adopted and it looks to be around 520 RWHP coming from a 508 Wedge that slings it thru the 1/8th mile trap at just over 91 mph . 

Best keep the kids away from Bad Grandpa!

Build Sheet c10.jpg

Chevy Nova II Joins The Stable


Spy Shots...Stay Tuned For More Horsepower!

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