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This Oct 2021 cover shot makes it Kinninger's 5th build in the past 18 months as a featured creation in all things excellent! 

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New Arrival

This beauty just arrived for Mark's 'care and feeding'. Check out his supported builds to see what Mark has brought to life for other Porsche artisan creators.


See Where Skill & Imagination Run Wild!

Silver Arrow

Kinninger GT2 Klone

A supercar build from a mild-mannered 1997 twin turbo 993. Mark swung for the fence and put one in the bleachers that was featured in Excellence Magazine. 

Voodoo Blue

Rebuild Redux

Mark owned this car a few times in different configurations and his last touch on the palette resulted with this dreamy homologation of pure Porsche.

Tangerine Dream
Kinninger RSR.jpg

Savory Speed and Style

A long time customer asked Mark to engage in a design-build and the results speak for themselves.  



Silver Dart

Classy Classic

prospective client flew down to see Mark's Voodoo Blue build in progress and Mark's work spoke for itself.

The Silver Dart was commissioned and Mark delivered on promise and knocked it out of the park.


Not Just Flat Sixes...

Turbo Thunder

Mark's second passion lies in the enhancement of iconic automobiles and giving them the ponies available with modern tuning technologies. 

This 1971 Chevrolet C-10 whistles Dixie with a turbocharged and stroked 350 SBC.


Another Featured Build in RetroMod Magazine
July 2020!

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